Business And Search Engines

Search Engines Impact Business Websites

I’m Huck Huckabee and I’ve been using search engines to promote businesses since 1999.

Huck HuckabeeI can help you get valuable traffic to your website using the search engines. It doesn’t take rocket science to get the job done. It does take up to date knowledge on how the search engines operate. Then properly focused hard work will result in placements that will bring desired traffic to your website. The first thing we do is provide a search engine rank report on a regular basis. From that point we know where to focus our efforts in our search engine rank services.

Search Engine Business

We are in the business of placing websites in valuable positions in their search engine ranks. And we will show you the results.

My team and I use web analytic services to determine the best goals to shoot for and then to measure the progress of our work. We then incorporate site design, website links and content management to get you more than just traffic. We get the kind of traffic that will result in improving your business.

Call us at 704-438-2910 and let’s discuss your search engine placement needs.

Once we get a feel for what you are looking for we will review your Internet resources, take a look at your competitors and then make a proposal to help you manage your search engine placement. Business and search engines are linked in the promotion of sales. Traffic from the search engines will gain business.

Business And Search Engines – Rank Management

Search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing are an incredible marketing tool that are underutilized by too many businesses. Too often, company owners and managers think that all they need to do is put up the website and people will start to come to it. It’s not that easy. Millions of people fine websites based on their search engine rankings. And they only look at the higher ranking sites. Higher search engine rankings are attained by the proper management of your website and resources connected to it. This is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Companies need to incorporate Search Engine Optimization into their Internet campaigns. We can help you do this.

A Quick Social Media Lesson

Take five minutes to learn some fascinating facts about social media by watching this video:

Today the incorporation of social media is a necessity in Search Engine Optimization.

Please Participate On Our Blog

I would like to personally invite you to participate on our blog on a regular basis. Share your ideas with us. Make some contacts for links. And improve your rankings. We’ll be sharing our experiences and you can learn a lot from them.

Huck Huckabee

This Website Has Three Purposes

First, this website exists to display and share my expertise in Internet marketing. Second, it is here to serve as a medium for others to provide additional expertise. And third, it is here to serve as a marketing tool for me.

This is my opportunity to meet you online. And as prescribed by Mitch Meyerson, in his book The Success Secretes Of The Social Media Marketing Superstars, I am making the first move by providing something you can use via this website. The next move is yours. Contact me when you need help with your Internet marketing.

I’m Huck Huckabee

I’ve been building websites and involved with search engines since I created my first search engine website site in 1998. In 1999 I began using it to promote businesses in my local community. A lot has changed since then and I have learned an incredible amount about Internet marketing.

I Will Come To You

I am available for hire. I am looking to build long term relationships with businesses who need help with their Internet marketing. For fair compensation and paid expenses I will travel to nearly any location. Just give me a call at 704-438-2910. I am located in Badin, North Carolina.

Change is Constant in Business and Search Engines

Bob Dylan’s words ring truer today than they did in January of 1964 when he released his third studio album “The Times They Are a-Changing”. And changing is something the search engines are always doing. Let’s help each other learn about these changing times.